– Cash points can be claimed with purchases of groceries (eg. rice, vegetables, meat produce, dairies, etc) as well as vitamins, pharmaceutical/medical products.

– Cash points redemption is limited to one receipt per month. Each redemption can be done after 30 days from the 1st redemption paid out date (for receipt of purchase only).

– Only 1 receipt per month.  Receipt is not allowed to be combined with another receipt.

– Cash points redemption cannot be combined with all the packages that was purchased (eg. If customer has bought 2 x Double packages, then he cannot combine the points to claim together.) He is then allowed to submit 2 separate receipts for each membership for the month.

– Once redeemed, cancellation is not allowed.

– Receipt of purchase must be redeemed within 7 days of the date of purchase.

– Processing of redemption will take 7 working days.

– Cash points redemption is only for Hospitality World (HW) merchant listing.  Other merchants will not be entertained.

– Receipts from 3rd party merchant is not allowed (i.e Food Panda or Grab Food).

– Complimentary vouchers and ARP meal offered by Hospitality World (HW) is subject to cash points deduction.

– Discounted voucher used for purchase of items will not be accepted for cash points redemption.

– Cash points are not transferrable.

– Points are not redeemable for cash during validity of the package.

– Expired cash points are subject to renewal for extension.

– Cash rebate will be credited into Touch N Go e-wallet and Grab e-wallet only.

– Cash points redemption is redeemed via Hospitality World (HW) only and not directly from the listed merchants.

– Un-used points may expires unless advised otherwise.

– This cash points system becomes invalid upon expiry of the membership.

– The award of points is calculated according to Hospitality World’s Point Calculator (HWPC).  The package validity forms part of the calculations.

– The management reserves the right to substitute or change the merchant listings offered without prior notice.  The management reserves the right to review, amend or add to these conditions or withdraw the merchants/offer herein at any time without prior notice.



Scenario 1:

For example: Customer A bought a single package (1000 points).

1st month, Customer A redeems a Tesco receipt – the calculation will be (balance 1000/13 months = RM76.92), (Balance = 1000 – 80 points = 920 points).

2nd month, Customer A redeems a bundle meal 60 points, (Balance = 920 – 60 points = 860 points).

3rd month, Customer A redeems comp room with 250 points and the calculation will be (Balance 860 – 250 = 610 Points).

3rd month also he wants to redeem a Tesco receipt, then the calculation will be (Balance 620/11 months = RM55 he can redeem). Balance = 620 – 55 points = 555 points.